Tuesday, 12 January 2021

2021 Day 12

2021 Dedh Dewdhek

De Meurth, dewdhegves mis Genver

Tuesday, 12th January

Ma dhebm revrons brâs rag preiweythoryon. Termyn my veu yonk, my a sayas dhe wil sethow a brei saw na veu vy pur skentel. Na aljama gwitha an prei war an ros! Bes preiweyth sowyn ew gwres termyn pur hir en Kernow, peder mil bledhen.  Moy es pemp cans crogen a'n Oos Men Nowydh a veu kevys en Carn Bre ha trei cans crogen a'n Oos Horn a veu kevys en Castel Men. Anjei a veu gwres a brei Gabbroek dhort an Lesard. An hanath ma ew dhort an Lesard saw arnowydh ew ha devedhys ew an prei dhort moy a-bell. Prei gwydn dhort Austol ew meurgerys (ha prei dhort Englond!) Ma dhebm cuntelyans preiweyth arnowydh a Gernow (dhort Eglosmelan, Porth Ia ha Truru). Aswonys ew Bernard Leach, Troika ha Priweythva Lake.

I have great respect for ceramicists (potters). When I was young, I tried to make clay pots but I wasn't very skilled. I couldn't keep the clay on the wheel! But successful pottery has been made in Cornwall for a very long time, four thousand years. More than 500 Neolithic sherds were found at Carn Brea and 300 Iron Age sherds were found at Maen Castle. They were made of Gabbroic clay from the Lizard. This mug is from the Lizard but it is modern and the clay came from further away. Kaolin from St Austell is popular (and clay from England!) I have modern Cornish pottery collection (from Mullion, St Ives and Truro). Bernard Leach, Troika and Lake's Pottery are famous.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arnowydh modern

aswonys known, famous

crogen (m) sherd

cuntelyans (m) collection

hanath (m) mug, beaker

preiweyth (m) pottery, ceramics

preiweythor (m) potter, ceramicist

preiweythva (f) pottery

revrons (m) respect, reverence, etc.

skentel skilled

sowyn successful

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