Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 Day 2

 2021 Dedh Dew

De Sadorn, nessa mis Genver

Saturday, 2nd January

Calish ew trouvya geryow nowydh. Rag fra? Drefen nag eus tra veth deffrans e'n dedhyow ma. Hebma a vedh chaptra moon e'n story ow bownans!  Gwav ew ha ma dhen kewer wavek. Gero nei kerdhes dhe'n gwelyow. Down ew an vorr (fordh) gen stag. Waryowgh jynnys-tedna! Bes Sadorn ew ha nag eus antel. An teyllegow ew coth (bes na veu whans dhen mos re nes). Meurgerys ens gen edhyn (martesen ma gwibenes). Da ew genam mires ort an mor dhort an gwel ma. Pandr'ew an losow? Turnyp rag pastys?

It's hard to find new words. Why? Because there is nothing different these days. This will be a thin chapter in my biography! It's winter and we have wintry weather. Let's walk to the fields. The track is deep with mud. Beware of tractors! But it's Saturday and there's no danger. The dung-heaps are old (but we didn't want to go too close). They are much loved by birds (perhaps there are flies.) I like looking at the sea from this field. What are the plants? Turnips for pasties?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

antel (f) danger

gwavek wintry

gwibenes flies <gwiben (f)

jynnys-tedna tractors < jynn-tedna (m)

moon slim, thin

stag (m) sticky mud

story (ow) bownans (m) (my) biography

teyllegow dung heaps < teylek (f)

turnyp (collective) turnips, swedes > turnypen (f)

Waryowgh! Beware of!

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