Friday, 31 July 2020

2020 Day 213

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Terdhek

De Gwener, üdnegves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Friday, 31st July

Ma lavar coth: escar ow escar ew ow howeth. Ewa rag hedna na wrüg an Gernowyon sevel bedn an Spanyers en pemdhek cans pajar ügens ha pemdhek? Na veu hedna goryskyn brâs - moy avel omsettyans comondo. Anjei a wòlyas kerdh arta. Ma goryskyn e'n termyn ma dhort Pow an Sowson! Lies havyas. Ombellheans sôcyal? Eus clowys ganjans anodho? Mirowgh ort an düs ma war an cay en savla Lanudhynek. Mowns ow còrtos tren dh'aga hemeres bys en Porth Ia. Nag üjy pub onan ow tos gen tren, ma lies carr ewedh. Ellowgh whei gweles parc dadn skeuj cloud? Leur campya ew rag an re a venja còsca en tyldys. An bobel a wra mos war nans rag an treth. War venedh aral ma'n club golf - rag an re gen mona luck. Thew golf gwary vas rag ombellhe agas honan dhort tüs erel. Lies gweyth Carn Breanek ew telher vas dhe vos agas honan oll. Parkow kerry reb an als ew leun ha ma routh veur war bub treth.

There is a proverb: my enemy's enemy is my friend. Is that the reason the Cornish didn't resist the Spanish in 1595? That wasn't a big invasion - more like a commando raid. They sailed away again. There's an invasion at this time from England! Lots of holiday makers. Social distancing? Have they heard of it? Look at these people on the platform at St Erth station. They are waiting for a train to take them to St Ives. Not everyone comes by train, there are lots of cars as well. Can you see a field under a cloud shadow? It's a campsite for those who'd like to sleep in tents. The people will go down the hill for the beach. On another hill there's the golf club for those with enough money. Golf is a good game for distancing yourself from other people. Often St Agnes Beacon is a good place to be all alone. Car parks by the coast are full and there's a crowd on every beach.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cay (m) railway platform

gòlya to sail

goryskyn (m) invasion

havyas (m) summer visitor, holiday maker

ombellhe to (self) distance

savla (m) station

sevel bedn to resist, stand against

skeuj ~ skeus (m) shadow, shade

Spanyer (m) Spaniard  

tyldys  tents

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