Monday, 27 July 2020

2020 Day 209

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Naw
De Lün, seythves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Monday, 27th July

Me a bernas sagh brâs a has edhyn drefen thera whans dhebm a dhynya an edhyn bian. E'n gwettha pres, thew an heckamolas methek. Saw diveth ha craf ew an edhyn brâssa. Me a welas diw golobmen coos berryk, pi, bran dre ha chôk e'n kethsam mettin. Rüdhek ha mola dhû a dheuth war aga lergh. An edhyn bian wrüg gòrtos meur aga ferthyans.  Ew an lowarth dibobel? Hedna ew pres rag an gwywer tont dhe dhos. Bes mons oll ow fia dhe'n fo gans ow devedhyans ha gòrtos terebo ow dibarth.

I bought a large bag of bird seed because I wanted to attract the little birds. Unfortunately, the dicky birds are timid. But the bigger birds are brazen and greedy. I saw two plump wood-pigeons, a magpie, a rook and a jackdaw in the exact same morning. A robin and a blackbird came after them. The little birds waited patiently. Is the garden deserted? That is time for the cheeky squirrel to come. But they all flee away with my arrival and wait till my departure.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
berryk plump
craf greedy
dibobel deserted, uninhabited, without people
diveth brazen, shameless
dynya to attract, entice
heckamola (f) dicky bird, little brown bird
kethsam ~ kesam exact same
methek timid, shy
meur aga ferthyans patiently  (can be used with other possessive adjectives)
tont cheeky, impudent
war aga lergh after them (can be used with other possessive adjectives)

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