Thursday, 30 July 2020

2020 Day 212

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Dewdhek

De Yow, degves warn ügens mis Gorefen

Thursday, 30th July

Ew da genowgh henwhedhlow, whedhlow ha story? Pandr’ew gwir ha pandr’ew gow: fact po fügieth? Clowys gena nei oll ow tòchya Metêrn Arthor ha y hüdor Merlin. Era castel dhodho war Dindajel (Din Kernowyon)? Ha Merlin, o ev trigys en gogow Merlin, dadn an castel? Ma Dindajel war als noor Kernow, bes Merlin a dravalyas adro, car dre hevel. Ma profesy dhodho – “"Ewra teyre a war mearne Merlyn. Ara lesky Pawle, Pensanz ha Newlyn".  Ev a wra tira war ven Merlin a wra lesky Paul, Pensans ha Lulyn. Ma ymach Merlin war ven ogas dhe’n ogo, saw nowydh ew hedna. Ma’n men e’n profesy ogas dhe Borth Enys – war als sooth. En mis Gorefen 1595 ev a wharvedhys! Radn an morlû Spaynek a skydnyas war Borth Enys – pajar lester gen pajar cans soudor a dheuth. Dew cans soudor a wrüg tira ha lesky an dre ha’n eglos Paul.  Nena an pajar cans a diras en Lulyn ha Pensans ha lesky lies chei e’n re na ewedh. Tho hebma termyn a strîf tredh Catholygieth ha Protestantieth. Na wrüg Kernowyon profya meur a resystens – martesen anjei a borthas cov a 1549 ha hacter an Sowson. Gwrewgh redya moy en lever gen Craig Weatherhill. Hedhyw tüs dhort Spayn a res gòrtos a-jei peswardhek dedh!



Do you like legends, stories and history? What is true and what is false: fact or fiction? We have all heard about King Arthur and his wizard Merlin. Did he have a castle on Tintagel Head (Fortress of the Cornish)? And Merlin, did he live in Merlin’s sea cave, under the castle? Tintagel is on Cornwall’s north coast, but Merlin travelled around, it seems. He has a prophecy - He will land on Merlin’s rock who will burn Paul, Penzance and Newlyn. There is an image of Merlin on a rock near the cave, but that is new. The rock in the prophecy is near Mousehole – on the south coast. In July 1595 it happened! Part of the Spanish navy descended on Mousehole - four ships with four hundred soldiers arrived. Two hundred soldiers came ashore and burnt the village and the church at Paul. Then the four hundred landed in Newlyn and Penzance and burnt lots of houses in those as well. This was a time of conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism. The Cornish didn’t offer much resistance – perhaps they remembered 1549 and the cruelty of the English. Read more in a book by Craig Weatherhill. Today people from Spain must stay indoors for fourteen days!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

fügieth (f) fiction

gogow (f) sea cave > an ogo
gow false (you can also use and füg)
hacter (m) cruelty < hager
hüdor (m) magician, sorcerer, enchanter
morlû (m) navy (
literally sea host) 
profya resystens to offer resistance
skydnya war to fall upon, to invade
story (m) history
tira to land, come ashore 

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