Wednesday, 29 July 2020

2020 Day 211

2020 Dedh Dew Cans hag Üdnek
De Merher, nawhes warn ügens mis Gorefen
Wednesday, 29th July

Omweloryon ha tüòncoth: gellys ew agan omweloryon rag an termyn. Teylû ens, nag ens tüòncoth. Na whath, ma vysytoryon òncoth en neb le. Ma tell bian e'n lowarth ha toll brâs e'n ke. Piw (po pandra) re wrüg an tell? Peseul downder ew an toll brâs? Ma bern a dhor meynek pôtyes dhe ves gen treys brâs, ha ma nebes gwredhow ow cregy dhort an to. Nag eus gwelys genam anedhyas veth - martesen best a'n nos ew. Dres lycklod thew dorgy. Ma dorgeun e'n gwelyow ewedh. Nei a wel aga vorrow.

Visitors and strangers: our visitors have gone for the time being. They are family, they aren't strangers. However, there are unknown visitors somewhere. There are little holes in the garden and a big hole in the hedge. Who (or what) has made the holes? How deep is the big hole? There is a heap of stoney earth kicked out by big feet, and there are some roots hanging from the roof. I haven't seen any occupant - perhaps it's a nocturnal animal. It's probably a badger. There are badgers in the fields, too. We see their paths .

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
a'n nos nocturnal 
anedhyas (m) occupant, inhabitant
dhe ves out, away
dor meynek (m) stoney earth
dres lycklod probably, more than likely
gwredhow ~ gwredhyow  (plural) roots < (singular) gwredhen (f) > (collective) gwredh
òncoth strange, unknown < (verb) godhas/goffas to know
peseul downder what depth, how deep
pôtya to kick
rag an termyn for the time being

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