Tuesday, 28 July 2020

2020 Day 210

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Deg

De Meurth, ethves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Tuesday, 28th July

Coseleth kens enawel ew hobma. An cathes ell cosca hedhek e'n lowarth. Tòbm ew an ayr ha dison, marnas coua an kelebmy. Bes thera nei ow qwachas warlergh vysytoryon moy. Oll ew parys - ombellheans sôcyal arta rag an düs gowldevys ha meur a dhidhan rag an flehes. Ma castel ell bos whethvys rag daslebmel (fleghes bian en üdnek). Ma chayrys lowr war an glesin ha war an grow. Gwrens anjei dos! En mettin ma dew vroder ha gwregeth anjei (ha pemp flogh tredhans). En dohajedh ma pobel moy - hôr, modrep, ownter (ha dew flogh moy). Lowen o vy der nag eus glaw! Nag eus rôm luck e'n chei dhe vos pellhys an eyl dhort y gila.

This is a calm before a storm. The cats can sleep in peace in the garden. The air is warm and quiet, apart from the coo-ing of the pigeons. But we are expecting more visitors. Everything is prepared - social distancing again for the grown-ups and lots of entertainment for the children. There's an inflatable castle for bouncing (small children only). There are enough chairs on the lawn and on the gravel. Let them come! In the morning there are two brothers and their wives (and five children between them). In the afternoon there are  more people - sister, aunt, uncle (and two more children). I am happy that there is no rain! There is not enough room in the house to be distanced from one another.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
coseleth (f) calm
cowldevys adult, grown-up, fully grown
didhan (m) entertainment, amusement < (verb) didhana
dison quiet, soundless
enawel (f) storm
en üdnek only, exclusively
hedhek peacefully
kelebmy (plural) pigeons < (singular) colom (f)
qwachas ~ gwetyas warlergh to expect, anticipate, wait for
whethvys to blow up, inflate

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