Sunday, 26 July 2020

2020 Day 208

2020 Dedh Dew Cans hag Eth

De Sül, wheffes warn ügens mis Gorefen

Sunday, 26th July

Kenjoha, ha parys o nei rag omweloryon. Ma scavellow lowarth war an planchen hag efan ew an yet. A vedh an gewer wheg? Ma'n teylû ow tos, ha ma whans dhe'n flehes a wary et agan lowarth. Anjei a venja mos dhe'n treth ewedh. "Ancledhyas Tasek!" emedh anjei. Hanterdedh, hag ot anjei! Devedhys ens. Lowena dhewgh ha benetuwgana! Ma'n treth ow kelwel. A'n owr! Pemp ar glogh, ha dewhelys ens. Hag an bobel cowldevys ow cül ombellheans sôcyal, ma'n flehes ow qwary warbarth. Da ew ganjans pònya ha lebmel, crambla ha rolya war an rünyow, gwary peldroos ha slynkya. Na vedn anjei dos chei ha debry kidnyow.

Late morning, and we are ready for visitors. There are garden chairs on the decking and the gate is wide open. Will the weather be kind? The family is coming, and the children want to play in our garden. They would like to go to the beach as well. "Bury Daddy!" they say. Midday, and here they are! They've come. Hello and goodbye! The beach is calling. See you later! Five o'clock and they have returned. While the grown-ups are doing social distancing, the children are playing together. They like running and jumping, climbing and rolling on the slopes, playing football and sliding. They do not want to come indoors and eat dinner.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ancledhyas to bury

benetuwgana goodbye

devedhys (verbal adjectivecome

dewhelys (verbal adjective) returned, come back

dos chei to come in, come indoors

gelwel to call, summon 

ombellheans sôcyal (m) social distancing

omweloryon (plural) visitors < (singular) omweler (m)

ot anjei here they are, there they are

planchen (m) wooden platform, decking


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