Friday, 22 February 2019

2019 Day 53

Dedh Terdhek ha Dogens

De Gwener, nessa warn ügens mis Whevrel
Friday, 22nd February

Da ew gans an mola dhu ma debry morednow idhyow. Nag ujy an edhen ma ow tos dhe ganstel a has ow cregy war vagh vos ogas dhe'n veister. Nag eus gwelys genam edhyn erel veth ow tebry an mor na. Martesen thens re vras rag edhyn bian, po martesen nag eus sawer wheg dhodhans. Na ell an mola dhu cluja war welen vian rag debry ow has. Da ew has gen pednpaly. Heb own ew ev dhe dhos nes dhe'n chei. Na wruga vy besca gweles edhyn pur vras ogas dhe'n chei. Ma'n bargas ma ow tarneyja e'n eborn. Nag ew da gen bargejyas na has na mor. Predhoryon ens.   

This blackbird likes to eat ivy berries. This bird does not come to the basket of seeds hanging on a wall hook near the window. I have not seen any other birds eating those berries. Perhaps they are too large for little birds, or perhaps they don't have a nice taste. The blackbird can't perch on a little perch to eat my seeds. A bluetit likes seeds. It is unafraid to come near to the house. I have never seen a very big bird near the house. This buzzard is soaring in the sky. Buzzards like neither seeds nor berries. They are predators.

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