Thursday, 7 February 2019

2019 Day 38

Dedh Etek warn Ügens
De Yow, seythves mis Whevrel
Thursday, 7th February

Gwens crev a whethas dres an nos ha pur gleb o hei. Me a gerras (gerthas) dhe Ty war’n Heyl e’n mettin òja an glaw. Otta an wedhen goth ma. Overdevys ew hei gen idhyow poos ha gleb. Ma hei ow posa war rag. A wra hei codha war an vorr (fordh)? Nag era lies person war an treth keth o an gewer segh. Martesen thera pub onan ow qwetyas glaw ha gwens moy. Nena me eth dhe gùntellyan bagas Rosweyth en “Heartlands”. E’n dohajedh pa wrüga vy dos tre me a whelas an wedhen. Gellys ew hei. Ma kiev (ben) ha nebes bleus predn, ha towlys ew an idhyow war an ke. 

A strong wind blew throughout the night and it was very wet. I walked to Perranporth in the morning after the rain. Look at this old tree. It’s overgrown with heavy wet ivy. It is leaning over. Will it fall on the road? There were not many people on the beach although the weather was dry. Perhaps everyone was expecting more rain and wind. Then I went to a Rosweyth group meeting in Heartlands. In the afternoon when I came home I looked for the tree. It is/has gone. There is a stump (base) and some sawdust, and the ivy is thrown on the hedge.

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