Sunday, 3 February 2019

2019 Day 34

Dedh Peswardhek warn Ügens

De Sül, tryja mis Whevrel
Sunday, 3rd February
Na wrüga vy còsca en ta newher. Tho an ôstel trosüs lowr ha thera pobel trosüs e’n strêt. Etho skith o vy hedhyw. Na whath, dison ha cosel o an strêt en mettyn. Re dhiwettha! Res ew dhen mos dhe li. An flogh a venja redya lever! Da ew ganjo treylya an volednow. Ha nei ow tewheles dhe Swindon thera ergh gwydn smodh whath war an Gònyow.
I didn’t sleep well last night. The hotel was quite noisy and there were noisy people in the street. So I am tired today. However, the street was quiet and peaceful in the morning. Too late! We had to go to breakfast. The child wanted to read a book! He likes to turn the pages. As we were returning to Swindon there was still smooth white snow on the Downs. 

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