Sunday, 17 February 2019

2019 Day 48

Dedh Dogens hag Eth
De Sül, seytegves mis Whevrel
Sunday, 17th February

Shyndys o an payl predn gen gwens. Còskys o va ewedh, drefen bos coth ha gleb. Res veu dhen y dhiswül. Nena nei a gemeras nebes aral et y le. Ev alja bos rag an termyn. Nei a vedn gweles mars ew da genen. Payl hir ew. Res veu dhen perna trei fardel brâs a roos neus: hen’ew deg meter warn ügens. Thera lies whennen dhe tedna emann ha ma pil a bredn poder dhe riddya. Lowen ew an edhyn. Anjei ell cavos lies bulugen.
The wooden fence was wind-damaged. It was rotten as well, beause it was old and damp. We had to dismantle it. Then we put something else in its place. It could be temporary. We will see if we like it. It’s a long fence. We had to buy three big rolls of wire netting: that is thirty metres. There were lots of weeds to pull up and a pile of rotten wood to get rid of. The birds are happy. They can find lots of earthworms.

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