Wednesday, 6 February 2019

2019 Day 37

Dedh Seytek warn Ügens
De Merher, wheffes mis Whevrel
Wednesday, 6th February

Ew da geno(wgh) know? Me a bernas lies knofen termyn Nadelek. Da ew genam know er dres ehen. Na ell kesten er  bos kevys bes en kidnyadh, sowedh. Ha nena, nag ens pur dha oll anodhans. Me a drovyas kestenen gen skyllen vian. Na wrüga vy na hy debry na towla dhe ves. Et y le me a’s planjas en pott gen nebes ligen, ha lebmyn ma dhebm gwedhen pur vian. E vedh termyn hir terebo hei dhe dhon know. Me a vedh marow, dres lycklod!  Mens ow gwedhen vian ew peder misva, saw gwedhen gowldeves ell bos cans trooshes.  

Do you like nuts? I bought lots of nuts at Christmas time. I particularly like fresh nuts. Fresh chestnuts are only available in autumn, unfortunately. And then, not all of them are very good. I found a chestnut with a little shoot. I didn’t eat it nor throw it away. Instead I planted it in a pot with some compost, and now I have a tiny tree. It will be a long time until it bears any nuts. I will more than likely be dead! My little tree measures four inches, but a full grown tree can be a hundred feet high.

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