Saturday, 2 February 2019

2019 Day 33

Dedh Terdhek warn Ügens

De Sadorn, nessa mis Whevrel
Saturday, 2nd February
Tho an stret a-ves dh’an chei leun whath a ergh ha rew. Thera ergh ha rew war an cons (cauns) ewedh. Pur slynk o. Thera odhom dhen a gemeres with ow kerdhes dhe’n carr. E’n gwelha (gwella) pres tho an vorrow brâs (broas) ryddys anodhans. Cler o anjei. Teudhys ew rew gen howl ha gen lies ros. Pur deg o an pow adro. Nei a welas an Gonyow Wessex Noor cüdhys whath gen ergh gwydn glan. Nebes scowles rüdh a neyjas en eborn a-warra. (En Kernow ma dhen bargejyas et aga le.) War an diwedh nei wrüg dos dhe Henley - pres li, rag gool pednbloodh. O mab hag y gòthman a dhrehedhas dogens bloodh an dhew e’n seythen eus passyes. E veu kefewy da. Thera lies cothman ena dhort dedhyow scol an vebyon.  
The street outside of the house was still full of snow and ice. There was snow and ice on the pavement as well. It was very slippery. We needed to take care walking to the car. Fortunately the main roads were rid of them. They were clear. Ice is melted by sun and by many wheels. The countryside was very beautiful. We saw the North Wessex Downs still covered with pure white snow. Several red kites flew in the sky above. (In Cornwall we have buzzards instead.) At last we came to Henley - at lunch time, for a birthday celebration. My son and his friend both reached forty years of age in the past week. It was a good party. Many friends were there from the boys' school days.

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