Sunday, 10 February 2019

2019 Day 41

Dedh Dogens (Dew Ügens) hag onen
De Sül, degves mis Whevrel
Sunday, 10th February

Thera meur a wrians et ow lowarth hedhyw, dadn an nor hag a-warra. Me a welas lies sin a gowans. Thera bernyow gweras (pilyow gòdhor) – crügellow gwres gen godhes dor ow cül kivorrow (kivordhow) ha chombours. Eus üdn gòdhor po moy? Na ora vy. Martesen ma teylû. Eus bùlük lowr ractans (rag anjei) dhe dhebry? Nag ew godhes dor dhe les dhe flehes. Na vedn an maw ma bes lesca pur ûhel war y lesk-lovan. Ev a wrüg codha dhe’n dor, saw na veu va shindys. Na veu va lowen bettegens, drefen nag ew da ganjo bos slotterüs (leyjek).   

There was much activity in my garden today, under the earth and above. I saw many signs of excavation. There were soil piles (mole hills) – little mounds made by moles making tunnels and chambers. Is there one mole or more? I don’t know. Perhaps there is a family. Are there enough earthworms for them to eat? Moles are not of interest to children. This boy only wants to swing very high on his swing. He did fall down, but he wasn’t hurt. He wasn’t happy however because he doesn’t like to get muddy.

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