Monday, 11 February 2019

2019 Day 42

Dedh Dogens ha Dew
De Lün, üdnegves mis Whevrel
Monday, 11th February
O mab wydn a gar gwary e’n lowarth, bes na venja o mergh wydn gwary ganjo de. Hei a venja liwya. E veu whans dhedhy gwil pictour art modern (arnowydh) pecar’a Jackson Pollock, leun a liw kejyvek ha lagyansow. Hei a wascas hy scübylen baynt ha’n liw a neyjas dhe ves war bub tû. Nebes a wrüg dos war an cart (saw thera moy war an bord). Hei a scollyas liwyow dhort pottys bian ha nena kilynya an cart dhe drei an liwyow gleb dhe resek. Hei a scurryas nebes gans hy scübylen.   Nessa termyn e vedh odhom dhedhy a liwyow moy ha canfas brâs dhe worra war an leur.  Gwra omassaya moy a chîl vian! Gwerthys a cans ha dogans milvil dollar veu üdn pictour gen Jackson Pollock.  
My grandson loves playing in the garden, but my granddaughter didn’t want to play with him yesterday. She wanted to paint a modern art picture like Jackson Pollock, full of dribbling paint and splashes. She tapped her paintbrush and the paint flew off in every direction. Some did land on the cardboard (but there was more on the table). She poured colours from little pots and then tilted the cardboard to make the wet paint run. She scrubbed a bit with her brush. Next time she’ll need more paints and a big canvas to put on the floor. Practise more, darling! One Jackson Pollock picture was sold for 140 million dollars.

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