Tuesday, 12 February 2019

2019 Day 43

Dedh Dogens ha Trei
De Meurth, dewdhegves mis Whevrel
Tuesday, 12th February

Deg dedh alebma thera ergh dhe nei. Thera nei en cres an gwav. Na whath, lebmyn ma flourys gwenton ow tos. Nag ew Corawys whath, bes ma gwelys genam lily Corasys solabres. Me a’s gwelas en keow, en cosow hag en prasow.  Me a welas tüs en gwel ow cùntel skyll solsow rag marhas. Pòrresys ew rag tiogow dhe gawas aga flourys rag Pask. Ens re avarr? A vedh an lily gorfednys ken Pask? Ma flourys pur vian ow tisqwedhes aga honan emesk an gwels ha'n delkyow leyjek. Mellyon (viola) ha brially ens. Ma nebes blejyow gwedh gwydn dhe vos gwelys ewedh. 

Ten days ago we had snow. We were in the middle of winter. However, now spring flowers are coming. It is not Lent yet, but I have already seen Lenten lilies (daffodils). I saw them in hedges, in woods and in meadows. I saw people in a field harvesting daffodil buds for market. It’s important for farmers to have their flowers for Easter. Are they too early? Will the daffodils be over before Easter? Very small flowers are showing themselves among the blades of grass and muddy leaves. They are violets and primroses. There is some white blossom to be seen as well.

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