Friday, 8 February 2019

2019 Day 39

Dedh Nownjek warn Ügens
De Gwener, ethves mis Whevrel
Friday, 8th February
 Terweythyow ma’n jedh ow treylya dhort an mettin dhe’n dohajedh. Glas o an mor e’n mettin ma ha glas o ev e’n dohajedh, saw nag o an keth liw! E’n mettin ma tho an eborn ha’n mor maga loos avel lüjiw. Garow o an mor ewedh. E’n dohajedh ma tho an eborn ha’n mor blou glesin (po nebes). Pana dheffrans! Glaw poos ha commol tew gellys ha, òja hedna, howl. Pe le veu vy en kettermyn? Me a veu en Truru ow tesky oll adro dhe apposyansow nowydh en Kernôwek.

Sometimes the day changes from the morning to the afternoon. This morning the sea was “glas” (blue/grey/green) and it was “glas” in the afternoon, but it wasn’t the same colour. This morning the sky and the sea were as grey as ashes. The sea was rough as well. This afternoon the sky and the sea were (almost) cornflower blue. What a difference! Heavy rain and thick cloud gone and, after that, sun. Where was I in the meantime? I was in Truro learning all about new exams in Cornish.

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