Friday, 1 February 2019

2019 Day 32

Dedh Dewdhek warn Ügens

De Gwener, kensa mis Whevrel
Friday, 1st February
Thera ergh en Kernow de, saw na wrüga vy y weles. Me a dheuth dhe Swindon kens an ergh. An ergh a’m sewyas. Ergh a wra en Swindon lebmyn. Ergh a dhallathas codha e’n nos ha ma va ow codha whath en cres an jedh. O mab a wrüg mos dh’y sodhva gen y gar (4x4) bes calish veu drefen bos lies vorr (fordh) degëys ha lies car erel forsakys. Ma odhom dhe’n flehes a wary e’n chei. Martesen nei oll a ell mos mes moy diwettha dhe wary e’n ergh.
There was snow in Cornwall yesterday, but I didn’t see it. I came to Swindon before the snow. The snow followed me. It snows in Swindon now. Snow started falling in the night and it is still falling in the middle of the day. My son did go to his office with his 4x4 car but it was difficult because many roads are closed and many other cars abandoned. The children need to play in the house. Perhaps we can all go out later to play in the snow.  

 Ma corfflan coth en ogas. Da veu an ergh ena gans an flehes.

There is an old graveyard nearby. The children liked the snow there.

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