Monday, 4 February 2019

2019 Day 35

Dedh Pemdhek warn Ügens
De Lün, pajwora mis Whevrel
Monday, 4th February

Thera glaw e’n termyn an nos. Me a’n clôwas codha war an kerrys a-ves dhe’n chei. Gellys ew an ergh ha rew lebmyn marnas nebes splattys bian war gonsys. Me a gemeras tren dhe Gernow (üdn tren en üdnek hedhyw) ha mires orth an veister. Ploos o an veistry òja an awel dhrog na. Pur isel ha leven ew an “Somerset Levels”. Ma lies gwel glas gen deves ha ma lies cledh (cleudh) tredh an gwelyow. 

En pellder me a welas menedhyow tewlhys gen commol ha thera whath nebes splattys ergh warnodhans. Ma moy ergh gerys war tûa’n west, e’n goskin keow. Teudhys ew meur an ergh ha lebmyn ma’n goverow ha dowrow ow resek gorm. 

Kehaval ew en Pow Densher, saw ena ma’n dowrow o resek rüdh drefen boas an dor rüdh. Ma radn an hens horn reb an mor. Rüdh ew an trethow. Hedhyw nag o an mortîd mar ûhel ha nag o garow an mor. Rag hedna na veu lagyans veth war an tren. E veu pobel ow kerdhes war vosow mor.  War an diwedh me a welas Dowr Tamar ha’n pons brâs. Devedhys tre oma.
There was rain in the night time. I heard it falling on the cars outside the house. The snow and ice have gone now apart from a few small patches on pavements. I got a train to Cornwall (only one train today) and looked out of the window. The windows were dirty after that bad weather. The Somerset Levels are very low and flat. There are many green fields with sheep and many drainage ditches between the fields.In the distance I saw hills obscured by clouds and there were still some snow patches on them. There is more snow towards the west, in the lea of hedges. Much of the snow has melted and now the streams and rivers are running brown. Devon is similar, but there the waters are running red because the ground is red. Part of the railway is by the sea. The beaches are red. Today the tide is not so high and the sea is not rough. Therefore there weren’t any splashes at all on the train. People were walking on sea walls. At last I saw the River Tamar and the big bridge. I’ve come home.

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