Wednesday, 9 January 2019

2019 Day 9

Dedh Naw

De Merher, nawhes mis Genver
Wednesday, 9th January

Caletter brâs ew lewern rag gwithyjy yer. Me a glowas lowarnes et ow lowarth e’n seythen eus passyes bes na wrüga vy hy gweles. En pras en ogas, otta disqwedhyans gwrians lowarn po lowarnes. Ma lies plüven gwydn. Thera yer dhe gentrevek e’n pras na. Nebes a veu scattrys ha nebes a veu ledhys. Wor’tiwedh, üdn yar a wrüg dos tre heb trocter, üdn yar aral a dheuth tre gen askell sqwachys ha’n cülyek heb y blev lôst teg. Ma colomednow resek dhe’n kentrevek ewedh. Heb arholas ens. 

Foxes are a big problem for poultry keepers. I heard a vixen in my garden in the past week but I didn’t see her. In a field nearby, see the evidence of the activity of a fox or a vixen. There are lots of white feathers. A neighbour had chickens in that field. Some were scattered and some were killed. At last, one hen did come back unscathed, one other hen came back with a broken wing and the cockerel without his beautiful tail feathers. The neighbour has racing pigeons as well. They are safe and sound.

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