Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Day 4

Dedh Pajar

De Gwener, pajwora mis Genver
Friday, 4th January

Terebo nessa a wedhen Nadelik! Dha weles a degednow! A'n owr a wolowow! Pres ew dhe dhiswül an garlons Nadelik ha’ga gorra en kisten. Anjei a vedh gwithys bys en nessa Kevardhû. Nag eus odhom anodhans lebmyn - oll agan vysytors ew gellys (ha na vadna vy còrtos bys en Degol Stoul). Creunyores o vy! Radn an tegednow ew pur goth – bloodh anjei ew moy es trei ügens. Cofroyow ens dhort o floholeth. En termyn na thera anjei war wedhen wir gen cantolyow gwir. Keniver bledhen nebes moy ew sqwachys. Gwres ens a weder pur vrettel. Nebes ew pur vian.

Till next time, Christmas tree. See you, baubles! Bye-bye lights. It’s time to dismantle all the Christmas decorations and put them in a box. They will be stored till next December. There is no need of them now – all our visitors have gone (and I don’t want to wait until Twelfth Night). I’m a hoarder! Some of the baubles are very old – they are more than sixty years old. They are souvenirs of my childhood. At that time they were on a real tree with real candles. Every year a few more are broken. They are made of very fragile glass. Some are very small.

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