Monday, 7 January 2019

2019 Day 7

Dedh Seyth

De Lün, seythves mis Genver
Monday, 7th January
Pub tra a wrüg mos (ew gellys) tre dhe ûsadow. Nag eus ostyjy dhe nei, pub chambour ew compes hag oll an lien gwily ew golhys (saw nag ewa segh, na whath). En seythen ma me ell gwil o gwrians ûsyes. De Meurth me wra metya gen cothman rag tavas Kernôwek, de Merher me a vedn omweles war o mergh wydn, de Yow e vedh bagas art, de Gwener ma odhom dhebm a bowes ha de Sadorn me a vedn mos dhe Falmeth rag bagas scriforyon. Re bell ew de Sül dhe ragleverel!      
Everything has gone back to normal. We have no guests, every bedroom is orderly and all the bed linen is washed (but it’s not dry, not yet). This week I can do my usual activities. On Tuesday I’ll meet a friend for Cornish language, on Wednesday I shall visit my granddaughter, on Thursday there will be an art group, on Friday I need a rest and on Saturday I shall go to Falmouth for a writers’ group. Sunday is too far away to predict!

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