Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Day 1

Dedh Onan

De Meurth, Calan Genver
Tuesday, 1st January, New Year’s Day


Gellys ew (gyllys yw) an vledhen diw mil (resists mutation) hag etek ha devedhys ew an vledhen (vlydhen) diw mil ha nawnjek (nownsek). Blewek ew an gewer hedhyw. Nag ew hei (nyns yw hi) yeyn ha nag eus (nyns eus) glaw. Nag eus bes nebes gwens (gwyns) - hebask ew an jedh (jydh). Bettegens, sqwachys veu o coseleth vy ken howldrevel. Thera an keun ow harha e'n chei ha thera lowarnes owth üja e'n lowarth. Eus clowys gena whei lowarnes kens lebmyn? An son ew pecar'a nebonan moldrys. E'n gwelha pres, nag era nagonan e'n lowarth! Me a gerdhas moy diwettha e'n pow adro, o trolergh moyha kerys. Me alja gweles an mor. Glas o an mor hedhyw, maga loos avel lüjiw. 

The year two thousand and eighteen has gone and the year two thousand and nineteen has come. The weather today is boring. It is not cold and there is no rain. There is not much wind - the day is calm. However my peace was shattered before sunrise. The dogs were barking in the house and a vixen was screaming in the garden. Have you heard a vixen before now? The sound is like someone murdered. Fortunately, there was nobody in the garden! I went for a walk later in the countryside, my favourite footpath. I could see the sea. The sea was grey today, as grey as ashes.

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