Thursday, 10 January 2019

2019 Day 10

Dedh Deg

De Yow, degves mis Genver
Thursday, 10th January

Nag ew lewern caletter brâs rag kelebmy resek lies gweyth, bes nag ew aga bownans saw et tien. Terweythyow ma sparhoks ha falhünes ow glena ortans. Kelebmy resek ell neyja en üskis bes edhyn predh ell skydnya whath moy üskis. Ew hokys godros dhe yer? Thew yer brassa es kelebmy. Ew an yer e’n bargen tir ma (ogas dhe Breanek) heb danjer? Na ora vy. Martesen ema sawder en nombers.    
Foxes are not often a big problem for racing pigeons, but their life is not completely safe. Sometimes sparrow-hawks and falcons attack them. Racing pigeons can fly fast but birds of prey can swoop even faster. Are hawks a threat to chickens? Chickens are bigger than pigeons. Are the chickens in this farm (near St Agnes) free from danger? I don’t know. Perhaps there is safety in numbers.

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