Friday, 11 January 2019

2019 Day 11

Dedh Üdnek

De Gwener, üdnegves mis Genver
Friday, 11th January
Meur ûsyes en hav ew an trolergh ma, gen tüs war droos ha diwrosow, ha en cador-ros ewedh. Pur overdevys o va an vledhen eus tremenys, bes den jentyl coth dhort Melinjy a wrüg y glerya gen y rev (pal). En misyow hav tho ev pur deg bes re ydn. Na veu spas lowr rag copel dhe gerdhes warbarth. Lebmyn thew ev moy ledan.   
This footpath is much used in summer, by people on foot and bicycles, and also in a wheelchair. It was very overgrown last year, but an old gentleman from Bolingey has cleared it with his shovel (spade). In summer months it was very pretty but too narrow. There wasn't enough room for a couple to walk together. Now it is much wider.

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