Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 Day 8

Dedh Eth

De Meurth, ethves mis Genver
Tuesday, 8th January

Lies tra ew dhe vos gwelys reb vorr (fordh) po trolergh, po dhorto. Hir ha divers ew an vorr dhort an savla kyttrin dhe chei vy. E’n eur-ma ema lies flour alan wheg, gen sawarn pecar’a vanilla, war ladnow. (Whenn ens, saw wheg na whath.) Nag eus trolergh veth reb radn an vorr, ha nag ew possybyl dhe gerdhes war an ladn. Etho res ew pòrres kerdhes e’n vorr. Terweythyow ma carr war an trolergh, ha ma odhom a gerdhes e’n vorr e’n eur-na ewedh.
Many things are to be seen by a road or footpath, or from it. The way from the bus stop to my house is long and varied. At the moment there are many sweet coltsfoot flowers, with a scent like vanilla, on verges. (They are weeds, but sweet nevertheless.) There is no footpath at all by part of the road, and it is not possible to walk on the verge. So it is essential to walk in the road. Sometimes there is a car on the footpath, and one needs to walk on the road then as well.

Òja lies dedh loos, an ebron a gleryas nebes e’n dohajedh ma, ken howlsedhes, ha me alja gweles golowder howl teg en sooth-west.
After many grey days, the sky cleared slightly this afternoon, before sunset, and I could see beautiful sunlight in the southwest.

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