Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 Day 2

Dedh Dew

De Merher, nessa mis Genver
Wednesday, 2nd January

 Hedhyw o an jedh rag cosins (kenderwy ha kenitherwy). Pedn bloodh Roy ew. Bloodh ev ew trei ügens ha dewdhek – baby an teylû! E veu kefewy e’n chei y vroder (pajar ügens bloodh ha terdhek) en Truru. Bes kellys o Jowan. Nag üjy va nevra dos dhe Gernow na moy. Eus degemerys gen nebonan carten Nadelik dhort Jowan en mis Kevardhû? Hedna veu an qwestyon war agan gwelvow. Saw nag eus kevys na carten na lether gen nagonan veth. Pandra dhe wül? Frowncis a vedn scrifa lether dh’y drigva en Bristow. (Nag ew Jowan an kensa cosin dhe vos dhe goll.) Terweythyow ma nebonan ow chanjya chei heb ger veth dhe gerens. Bettegens e veu kefewy pur dha. Thera nowodhow an cosins en Australy. Re dòbm ew an gewer ena (dogans degre en hanter dedh).         
Today was the day for cousins. It is Roy’s birthday. He’s 72 years old – the baby of the family. There was a party in the house of his brother (aged 93) in Truro. But John was missing. He never comes to Cornwall any more. Did anyone receive a Christmas card from John in December? That was the question on our lips. But nobody at all has had either a card or a letter. What to do? Francis will write a letter to his address in Bristol. (John is not the first cousin to go missing.) Sometimes someone moves house without a single word to relatives. Anyway it was a very good party. There was news of the cousins in Australia. The weather there is too hot (40 degrees at midday).

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