Friday, 2 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 305

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Pemp

De Gwener, nessa mis Dû.
Friday, 2nd November

E veu jorna hir dhebm hedhyw. Me a welas howldrevel gen cobmol rüdh ha me o kerdhes dres Cocks, ha me a welas howlsedhes gen cobmol rüdh moy dhort an kyttrin ogas dhe Redrudh. Hanter dedh me a veu en Porth Ia. Otta vy e’n solar art, en Leverva Art Bristol, leverva pur vian. Broasder own ew rag trog. Ma dhedhy carigel rüdh hy honan. Thew an  leveryades artidhes. Hei a wrüg maylya oll an levrow gen dorn  ha thew an exposicyon gwrithyans. Esel o vy a’n leverva ma lebmyn. Soweth, nag eus lever veth e’n tavas Kernôwek whath. Res ew dhebm scrifa onan rag hei (rycthy).

I had a long day today. I saw sunrise with red clouds as I walked through Cocks, and I saw sunset with more red clouds from the bus near Redruth. At midday I was in St Ives. Here I am in the art gallery, in the Bristol Art Library, a very small library. It’s the right size for a suitcase. It has its own red trolley. The librarian is an artist. She has bound all the books by hand and the exhibition is a performance. I am now a member of this library. Sadly, there’s not a single Cornish language book yet. I must write one for her!

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