Thursday, 1 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 304

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Pajer

De Yow, kensa mis Dû.
Thursday, 1st November

Pehen ew an mor hedhyw? Glas ew an mor. Pe ehen a las? Pana sort? Nag ewa blou gwàdn. Glas down ew. Golow glas ew dastewednys. An ebòrn ew glas a’n ebòrn. Golow rüdh ew po scattrys po denys. Üdn mildir dhort an mor thewa seson moy rüdh. Ma lies spernen wydn war rün serth spernek (ma va ogas dhe’n dre vian Reen). An gwedh ew leun a greun rüdh. Whath thew rüdh an chei bian reb an bal coth e’n coos!

What’s the sea like today? The sea is blue/green/grey. What kind of blue/green/grey? What sort? It’s not a weak blue. It is deep blue. Blue light is reflected. The sky is sky blue. Red light is either scattered or absorbed. A mile away from the sea it is a redder season. There are lots of hawthorns on a steep thorny slope (it’s near the hamlet of Reen). The trees are full of red berries. Even the little house by the old mine in the wood is red!

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