Monday, 5 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 308

Trei Hansves Dedh hag Eth

De Lün, pempes mis Dû.
Monday, 5th November

An nos ew hei haneth rag tanweyth ha tanjesow - golowow liwys spladn en ebòrn tewal. Gwres ew an liwyow gen kemigieth. Ma holan metelyek o lesky gen liwyow diffrans. Mars eus whans a rüdh, ma odhom a “strontium carbonate” en tanweythen.  Ma cober o qwil blou, ha strontium ha cober warbarth o qwil purpur. Ma metelyow (metols) erel o comprehendya barium (rag gwer), calcium (rag rüdhvelyn) ha sodium (rag melyn). Tanweyth ew da gen flehes saw nag ens da gen keun.

It’s the night tonight for fireworks and bonfires – bright coloured lights in a dark sky. The colours are made by chemistry. Metallic salts burn with different colours. If red is wanted, it needs strontium carbonate in a firework. Copper makes blue, and strontium and copper together make purple. Other metals include barium (for green), calcium (for orange) and sodium (for yellow). Children like fireworks but dogs do not like them.

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