Sunday, 4 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 307

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Seyth

De Sül, pajwora mis Dû.
Sunday, 4th November 

Ma lavar coth: “Nag ew marow Mytêrn Arthor.” Ma henwhedhel adro dhodho. Arthor Gernow a veu ladhys en batel – diwedh hager. Bes y sperys a dransformyas en palores (chauha). Gelvin ha diwarr an edhen ma ew cogh, pecar’a gooj, a styrrya diwedh gojys/gojek an mytern. Anfujek ew dhe ladha onan anodhans. En Kembra ha Alban en seythdegvas cansbledhen gelwys o an palores “Bran Gernow”. Ma palores war gota arvow Kernow.

There is an old saying: “King Arthur is not dead.” There is a legend about him. Arthur of Cornwall was killed in battle – a violent end. But his soul migrated into a chough. The beak and legs of this bird are crimson, like blood, which signifies the king’s bloody end. It is unlucky to kill one of them. In Wales and Scotland in the 17th century the chough was called the “Crow of Cornwall”. There is a chough on the Cornish coat-of-arms.

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