Tuesday, 6 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 309

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Naw

De Meurth, wheffes mis Dû.
Tuesday, 6th November

En gwella pres, nag o drog an gewer newher, rag oll an tanweyth ha tanjesow. Na veu lies tanweythen en ogas dhe chei nei ha na wrüg an kei clowes tra veth. Hedna veu fortüdnyes – ma own dhodho. Me a welas flambow spenys reb an vorr (fordh) e’n mettin. An glaw a dhallathas codha hanter dedh – calish rag lewyadoryon, ha calish dhe weles dres beister an kyttrin. E veu caletter aral en Breanek – toll e’n vorr reb chei pur goth (Manerjy Goonlas). Tüs whel a’n palas rag pibow – bes pur ledan ew. Na alja ev boas scant tremenys gans an kyttrin. Na veu lowen an lewyader!    

Fortunately, the weather last night wasn’t bad, for all the fireworks and bonfires. There weren’t many fireworks near our hose and the dog didn’t hear anything. That was lucky – it is scared. I saw a spent rocket by the road in the morning. The rain started to fall at midday – difficult for drivers, and hard to see out of the bus window. There was another problem in St Agnes – a hole in the road by a very old house (Goonlaze Manor House). Workmen dug it for pipes – but it is very wide. The bus could hardly get past it. The driver was not happy!  


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