Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 306

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Whegh

De Sadorn, tryja mis Dû.
Saturday, 3rd November

Ew hebma gwiwer rüdh? Nag ew. Gwiwer glas (gwiwer loos) ew ev, keth ew y bedn rudh ogasti, ha radn a’n blew war y denwednow ew rudh lowr. Ma lies gwiwer glas adro dhe’n chei bes nag eus gwiwer rüdh vedh en Kernow, thera vy pedery. Thew gwiwerow glas sowen saw tanow ew gwiwerow rüdh teg.

Is this a red squirrel? It is not. It is a grey squirrel, though its head is almost red, and part of the fur on its sides is quite red. There are lots of grey squirrels around the house but there is not a single red squirrel in Cornwall, I think. Grey squirrels are successful but beautiful red squirrels are rare/scarce.

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