Thursday, 8 November 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 311

Trei Hansves Dedh hag Üdnek

De Yow, ethves mis Dû.
Thursday, 8th November

Dohajedh ew e’n imach ma, peder eur androweyth. Ma’n mor tid en lenel (lenwel), saw nag ew morlanow whath. Pe le ma’n treth? Ma va dadn dhowr. Pe liw ew an mor? Glas ew – pub pres ew an mor glas – glas ew mor-liw! Eus whans dhe whei boas kewar? Whei alja lavaral dr’ew loos an mor ha’n ebòrn. Comolek ew an ebòrn, pur gomolek – ma glaw o toas. Gwenjek ew ewedh. Thew an mordardh garow ha strolyek ha’n todnow broas – na alja den veth mordardha e’n dohajedh ma.

It’s afternoon in this image, four o’clock afternoon-time. The tide is coming in, but it is not high tide yet. Where is the beach? It is under water. What colour is the sea? It is blue/grey/green – the sea is always blue/grey/green – blue/grey/green is sea-colour! Do you want to be exact? You could say that the sea and the sky are grey. The sky is cloudy, very cloudy – rain is coming. It is windy as well. The surf is rough and messy and the waves large – nobody could go surfing this afternoon.

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