Monday, 23 February 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit (Test your progress 3)

Can you find the little bits to translate the following? Everything you need should be somewhere in earlier posts.
Exercise 3a
1. Ro dhebm tabm tesen.
2. Ma botel a leth war an bord.
3. Ma va o tebry pot a vel.
4. Hei a vedh benyn deg.
5. Me a vedh ena.
6. Ero whei e’n gegin?
7. Ma den coth gen an venyn goth.
8. Ev a lebmas war vord isel.
9. Thera boos moy e’n fardel.
10. Ma fardel leun a voos e’n gegin. 

Exercise 3b
1. Give me a glass of wine, please.
2. There is a young child in the house.
3. He is an ugly man.
4. I was a young man.
5. He saw a young child.
6. You are buying a honey pot without honey.
7. Are you Kate or Tamsyn?
8. He will not be faithful.
9. Is there more wine in the wine bottle?
10. There is food in a huge chest.

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