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Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 51 (Pronunciation 4)

A Bit About Pronunciation 4

Place names[1] (and surnames) which are based on the Cornish language have acquired English spelling[2] which give clues to Late Cornish pronunciation of the original[3], e.g.

glas                                                    green

related place names include
Goonlaze (Goon Las)                     green downs
Lusty Glaze (Lostyn Glas)              little green tail of land (possibly)     
Borlase (Borlas) (also a surname)         green hummock 
Carclaze (Crug Las)                        green barrow
Carnclaze (Carn Glas)                    green/grey tor
Ellenglaze (Elyn Glas)                    green Elyn (stream name, “bend”)
Hallaze (Hallas)                               green marsh
Polglase (Polglas)                           blue/green pool
Polglaze (Polglas)                           blue/green pool
crib (f)                                              a comb, a crest, a reef
related place names include
Carn Greeb (Carn Grib)                  crest/reef crag
Carn Gribba (Carn Grib)                 crest/reef crag
Greeb Point (an Gryb)                     the crest/reef
Gribba Point (Carn Gryb)                crest/reef crag
Polcrebo (Polcrybow)                     pool by crests/ridges

[1] see A Concise Dictionary of Cornish Place-Names by Craig Weatherhill, Evertype 2009 and  Place Names in Cornwall and Scilly by Craig Weatherhill, Wessex Books 2005
[2] also Modern Cornish spelling
[3] This is in addition to the phonetic spelling given by Edward Lhuyd.

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