Sunday, 22 February 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 45 (Bits of the House)

Bits of the House

So far, we have had the words for house chei, houses treven, window beister, door daras. Let’s expand our vocabulary:

Ma treven broas dhe düs rych.              Rich people have big houses.
Ma lowar’ dhe’n chei nei.                        Our house has a garden.
Thero’vy o trigas en radnjy bian.           I am living in a small flat.
                                                                  I live in a small flat.
Nag eus lowar’ veth dhe’n radnjy na.   That flat has no garden at all.
Mons o trigas en crowjy.[1]                   They are living in a shack.
                                                                 They live in a cottage.
Ke a veu derevys adro dhe’n lowar’.     A hedge was built around the garden.
Ma yet e’n ke.                                          There is a gate in the hedge.
Ev a egoras beister.                                 He opened a window.
Ma hei o entra der an daras delergh.     She is entering through the back door.
Ew hedna den war agan to?                    Is that a man on our roof?
Tho an chymbla gwres a ven.                 The chimney was made of stone.

[1] Crowjy can have multiple meanings: a cottage, a shack, a cabin, even a hovel. An adjective helps!

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