Saturday, 28 February 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 55 (Let's go!)

Let’s go!

So far we have seen several examples involving the verb moas to go. We can use it in a number of tenses and moods, e.g.:

Thero’nei o moas dhe’n shoppys.         We are going to the shops.
Nei eth dhe’n varhas rag perna bara.    We went to market to buy bread.
Nei ’wrüg moas tre.                                 We did go home. We went home.
Nei a vedn moas gen agan tas.              We want to go with our father.
                                                                   We will go with our father.
Nei ’venja moas dhe’n treth.                   We would like to go to the beach.

You can invite others to accompany you when you go:

Gerow’ nei moas dhe’n shoppys.          Let’s go to the shops.
Gerow’ nei moas dhe varhas rag perna bara.
                                                                  Let’s go to market to buy bread.
Gerow’ nei moas tre.                               Let’s go home.
Gerow’ nei moas gen agan tas.              Let’s go with our father.
Gerow’ nei moas dhe’n treth.                  Let’s go to the beach.

You can, of course, use Gerow’ nei Let’s go with any other verb.

Gerow’ nei omdowlel gen Tas Broas.     Let’s wrestle with Big Daddy.
Gerow’ nei golhy an lestry.                      Let’s wash the dishes.
Gerow’ nei omwisca rag kidnyow.          Let’s got dressed for dinner.
Gerow’ nei omjersya war bluvogow.      
                                            Let’s make ourselves comfortable on cushions.

Gerow’ nei omdedna nessa bledhen.     Let’s retire next year.

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