Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 283

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Trei

De Yow ew, an üdnegves dedh a vis Hedra.
It's Thursday, the 11th day of October.

Me a ostyas e'n radnjy o mergh wydn newher. Res veu dhedhy saval emann pur a-bres dhe voas dhe'n gorsav hens horn rag tren hanter oja seyth. Thera hei o moas dh'omweles war hy dama wydn aral en Pow Densher, ha òja  hedna dhe Spayn dhe weles hy thas. E'n gwettha pres, thera dhedhy lies daffar dhe gemeres, keffres ha hy flogh bian! Warbarth, nei a gemeras kerrik flogh, scavel carr, trog bian, sagh baby, tigen vroas ha hy croust (haunsel). Me eth war an cay rag gweres dhedhy. Nebonan e'n tren a wrüg gweres dhedhy ewedh. Viaj da, cüfcolon!
I stayed in my granddaughter's flat last night. She had to get up very early to go to the railway station for the seven-thirty train. She was going to visit her other grandmother in Devon, and after that to Spain to see her father. Unfortunately, she had a lot of stuff to take, as well as her little baby!  Together, we took a buggy, a car seat, a small suitcase, a baby bag, a large handbag and her picnic (breakfast). I went on the platform to help her. Someone on the train helped her as well. Good journey, sweetheart!

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