Friday, 5 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 277

Dew Cansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Seytek

De Gwener ew, an pempes dedh a vis Hedra.
It’s Friday, the 5th day of October.

Ma blew hir ha garrow berr dhe’n kei bian ma. Ma dhodho dens lebm ha crev ewedh. Glüw ew y harth hag en mettin avarr  grevos ew ev. Ma’n kei o cortos rag kentrevogyon dhe gerdhes dres an yet. Kei an gentrevogyon a gas agan kei. Mowns o strivya a’n eyl warbydn y gila. Piw a ell hartha an gwella! Ha òja hartha ma odhom dhe omjersya. Rag fra na denjel nebes gwaryellow plastek? Nag ew kesplegadow keun bian ha gwaryellow flehes.

This little dog has long hair and short legs. He has sharp, strong teeth as well. His bark is shrill and it is annoying early in the morning. The dog waits for neighbours to walk past the gate. The neighbours’ dog hates our dog. They compete with one another. Who can bark the best! And after barking there is a need to relax. Why not chew a few plastic toys? Small dogs and children’s toys are not compatible.

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