Monday, 8 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 280

Dew Cansves Dedh ha Pajer Ügens

De Lün, ethves mis Hedra.
Monday, 8th October.

Hav ew gorfednys, saw üjy an prev del  ma o godhvos hedna? Nag eus bes onan anedhans. Eus boos lowr? Ma odhom dhodho dhe dhebry ha cressya kens an gewer yeyn gwav. En gwenton, martesen, ev a vedh ticky Düw mer morlû rüdh.

Summer is finished, but does this caterpillar know that? There is only one of them. Is there enough food? It needs to eat and grow before the cold weather of winter. In spring, perhaps, it will be a red admiral butterfly.

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