Sunday, 7 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 279

Dew Cansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Nownjek

De Sül, seythves mis Hedra.
Sunday, 7th October.

An gorwel ew an lin or tredh an mor ha’n ebron.  Hedhyw an mor o dû ha’n ebron o liw moy gwàdn. Me alja gweles lester gwydn war an gorwel. Ma va o moas tû’a howlsedhes.
The horizon is the boundary line between the sea and the sky. today the sea was dark and the sky was a lighter colour. I could see a white ship on the horizon. It was going westwards.

De, nei a gowsas adro dhe dhroglabm arvor war an crib Lethesow. Ma’n crib hons dhe’n gorwel ogas dhe’n als reb Porthia. Hûjes gorhel oyl American (Torrey Canyon) a veu destrowys war an crib en mis Meurth 1967.  E veu scullyans drog a oyl dû. Na alja nagonan gweles an gorhel drefen boas hons dhe’n gorwel, bes an oyl a wrüg tira. Keniver onan a alja gweles hedna. Ha keniver onan alja gweles an mog (an gorhel a veu bobmys). Angela alja perthy co a’n hager blas en Porthia ha oll adro. Dama Dee o mar dhüwenhes na alja hei byscath cows adro dhe’n dra. Lies edhen mor a veu ladhys.       
Yesterday, we talked about a maritime catastrophe on the Seven Stones reef. The reef is beyond the horizon near the coast by St Ives. A huge American oil tanker (Torrey Canyon) was wrecked on the reef in March 1967. There was a bad spill of black oil. Nobody could see the boat because it was beyond the horizon, but the oil came ashore. Everyone could see that. And everyone could see the smoke (the ship was bombed). Angela could remember the horrible smell in St Ives and all around. Dee’s mother was so upset she could never talk about it. Many seabirds were killed.

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