Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 281

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens hag Onan

De Meurth, nawhes mis Hedra.
Tuesday, 9th October. 

Pandr’ew an ger Kernôwek own rag “fungus”? Thew an ger ma Latten. Ha nag üjy va o tismygya tredh tacklow a ell boas debrys ha an re na ell boas debrys. En Sowsnek thera nei o longya dhe ûsya “toadstool” rag fungus na ell boas debrys ha “mushroom” rag fungus ell boas debrys. Nag ew hedna pur skientek! Devedhys ew an geryow dhort Sowsnek Cres ha Frenkek Coth. En Kernôwek nag eus bes üdn ger dhe nei – “scavel gronek”. Nag ew hebma pur skientek naneyl. Ma dhe scavel gronek cappa ha garren, gen brynk dadn an cappa. Brynk gwydn ew diantel. Anjei ell boas winyk. Ma lies scavel gronek teg et o lowarth – bes me a vedn perna scavellow cronek rag an gegin en shoppa.

What is the right Cornish word for “fungus”? This word is Latin. And it does not distinguish between this that can be eaten and those that cannot be eaten. In English we usually use “toadstool” for a fungus that cannot be eaten and “mushroom” for a fungus that can be eaten. That is not very scientific! The words have come from Middle English and Old French. In Cornish we have only one word –“toadstool”. This is not very scientific either. A toadstool/mushroom has a cap and a stalk, with gills under the cap. White gills are dangerous. They can be poisonous. There are lots of beautiful toadstools in my garden – but I will buy mushrooms for the kitchen in a shop.

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