Saturday, 6 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 278

Dew Cansves Dedh Trei Ügens hag Etek

De Sadorn ew, an wheffes dedh a vis Hedra.
It’s Saturday, the 6th day of October.

Eth eur e’n mettin ew. Thew Ty war’n Heyl gwag ogasti. Nag eus bes eth carr e’n park kerry. Pe le ma’n düs? Ma’n den gen carr rüdh o kerres gans y gei war an treth. Thera vy o còrtos e’n savla kyttrin gen diw venyn erel. Nei a vedn moas dhe Truru (Druru). Fatel ew an awel? Glaw a wra, andelna nag eus routh veur war an treth. Ma kert o cül livreson dhe’n bosty ha ma tractor gen crib o clanhe an treth òja an morlanow. Hebma ew dalla o viaj; an diwa ew an kescussülyans “Kemeneth” en Tremogh.

It’s eight o’clock in the morning. Perranporth is almost empty. There are only eight cars in the car park. Where are the people? The man with a red car is walking with his dog on the beach. I am waiting in the bus stop with two other women. We are going to go to Truro. What is the weather like? It’s raining, therefore there is not a great crowd on the beach. A lorry is making a delivery to the restaurant and a tractor with a rake is cleaning the beach after the high tide. This is the start of my journey; the goal is the “Community” conference in Tremough.

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