Tuesday, 2 October 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 274

Dew Cansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Paswardhek

De Meurth, nessa mis Hedra.
Tuesday, 2nd October.
Etho, thew an nessa dedh a vis Hedra, ha mis Hedra ew an nessa mis a gidnyadh. Ha kidnyavek ew a gewer hedhyw. Prydeth Sowsnek, John Keats, a scrifas gwers “Dhe Gidnyadh”. Ev a dhescrifas an mis - “seson a niwlow (ligyn) ha abundans adhves”. Ha niwlek ew an gewer hedhyw en tevry, war geyn an pow dres ehen. An kyttrin eth dreth Goon Own ha Goon Bell, ha calish o dhe weles tra veth. Termyn ew rag know, ewedh. Saw re avarr ew rag an kesten ma. Mowns o codha dhort an wedhen saw nag ens arves. Thens whath glas. An plisk dreynek ew gwer ha’n know ew gwydn po bian.
So, it’s the second day of October, and October is the second month of autumn. And the weather today is autumnal. An English poet, John Keats, wrote a poem “To Autumn”. He described the month – “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. And the weather is definitely foggy today, especially on the spine of the country. The bus went through Goonown, the “downs of fear” and Goonbell, the “far downs”, and it was hard to see anything. It’s time for nuts, as well. But it is too early for these chestnuts. They are falling from the tree but they are not ripe. They are still unripe. The prickly husks are green and the nuts are white or small.

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