Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit (Test Your Progress 4)

Exercise 4a
1. Eus boos rag agan li?
2. Hei a dhabras agas li.
3. Nag ero vy o toas tre rag li.
4. Nei a welas y gei ev.
5. Me a lebmas dadn an dowr en hy foll.
6. Thera cath war üdn scavel, saw thera kei dadn scavel aral.
7. Ma va o tebry dew besk.
8. Nei a gerdhas reb an mor.
9. Üdn den eth dhe berna kei rag y whor[1].
10. Ma eth[2] torthel en fardel war vord.

Exercise 4b

1. A cat is sitting under the table.
2. I am buying one loaf of bread.
3. Are there eight pieces of cake?
4. All your houses are small.
5. Her car is by our house.
6. We are not buying twenty-four buns.
7. You are standing under the old tree.
8. There are not a hundred men there.
9. We are going home by (with) car.
10. Her name will be Tamsin.
11. We went by the sea with five children.

[1]  whor sister
[2]  note that this is not the same eth as in the previous question.

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