Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit (Answers to Test Your Progress 3)

Answers to Exercise 3a

1. Give me a slice of cake.
2. There is a bottle of milk on the table.
3. He is eating a pot of honey.
4. She will be a beautiful woman.
5. I shall be there.
6. Are you in the kitchen?
7. There is an old man with the old woman.
8. He jumped on a low table.
9. There was more food in the packet.
10. There is a packet full of food in the kitchen.

Answers to Exercise 3b

1. Ro dhebm gwedren a win, mar pleg.
2. Ma flogh yonk e’n chei.
3. Hager den ew ev.
4. Den yonk o vy.
5. Ev a welas flogh yonk.
6. Thero whei o perna pot mel heb mel.
7. O whei Kettern po Tamsyn?
8. Na vedh ev lel.
9. Eus gwin moy et an botel gwin?
10. Ma boos en hujes kist.  

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