Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 64 (A Bit About Easter)

Now that we are coming up to Easter, here is some vocabulary.

A Bit About Easter

  We have already seen some relevant vocabulary in our St Day Carol, e.g.:

 … Jesus a verwis e’n grows                   … Jesus who died on the cross
… Jesus a veu gorrys en vow                … Jesus who was put in a cave
… Jesus a dhasorhas e’n nos                … Jesus who rose again in the night
The important days on the calendar are:

De Gwener an Grows                    
                                    Good Friday (literally Friday of the Cross)
Pask                           Easter
Corawys                    Lent
Ma Pask o toas.       Easter is coming.
Hei a vedn moas dhe’n eglos teg/bedneglos.                       
                                    She will go to the cathedral.
Thero’vy o cara oyow Pask.                               
                                    I love Easter eggs.
Oyow chocolat ens; pur wheg ens.      
                                    They are chocolate eggs; they are very sweet.
Ma oyow Pask en oll an shoppys.                    
                                    There are Easter eggs in all the shops.
Thew an shoppys leun a oyow Pask.              
                                    The shops are full of Easter eggs.
Ev a wra perna oyow rag y flehes.                    
                                    He will buy eggs for his children.
Ma de Gwener an Grows o toas ewedh.          
                                    Good Friday is coming as well.
Torthellow crows tobm ew da genam.             
                                    I like hot cross buns.
Ma Conin Pask o trei oyow rag flehes.
                                    Easter Bunny brings eggs for children.
Leun a lilis Corawys ew an gwelyow en Kernow.

                                    The fields in Cornwall are full of daffodils (Lenten lilies).

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