Monday, 9 March 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 63 (A Bit About the Weather)

A Bit About the Weather
There are two (feminine) words for the weather itself. Here are some of the many words for the various types of weather (naturally, a topic important to fishermen and farmers).
awel                                                 weather
kewer (an gewer)                            weather
Fatel ew an awel hedhyw?            How is the weather today?
Fatel o an gewer de?                     How was the weather yesterday?
Hager awel!                                     Bad weather! Ugly weather!
Thera hager awel de.                     It was stormy yesterday.
                                                         (Not a word for word translation)
Yeyn o.                                             It was cold.
Ema o cül glaw.                               It’s raining. (It makes rain.)
Glaw a wra.                                      It rains. It’s raining. It is going to rain.
Gleb ew.                                           It’s wet.
Teg ew hei.                                       It’s beautiful. It’s lovely.
Ma’n howl o spladna.                     The sun is shining.
An howl a wrüg spladna.               The sun shone.
Gwenjek ew hei.                              It’s windy.
Ma gwens crev en mettin ma.      There’s a strong wind this morning.
E vedh niwl e’n nans.                    There will be fog in the valley.
Ma ergh war an menedhyow.       There is snow on the mountains (or hills).
Ergh a wra.                                      It snows. It’s snowing. It will snow.

Lavar coth:                           Old saying:
Cabmdhavas en mettin, glaw boas etin.
                                                A rainbow in the morning, rain may be in it.

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